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Dear YOD Community, 

Thank you for your generosity and unwavering support throughout 2020.  You have helped create a voice for YOD and an intangible glue that holds the community together, which is simply invaluable. Thank you.

From our first Crowdfunder in May 2019, to charity registration in August 2019 and the events that have followed the last 18 months have been a whirlwind.  The COVID-19 pandemic was completely unforeseen; however, we hope we have provided some support to you during this challenging time.

2020 saw YOD chosen as a charity alongside NHS Charities Together by Younguns for their NHS relief song featuring Beverly Knight & Joss Stone, then followed two webinar series totalling 13 webinars featuring an array of professional speakers.  For our second series we were delighted to enter a partnership with #FirstRespondersFirst, a non-profit organisation in the USA and an initiative of Harvard University, Thrive Global and the CAA.

Beyond the webinar series we have also created the YOD podcast, the huddle and a growing ambassador network. The team has worked tirelessly on creating key partnerships to facilitate YOD’s growth trajectory into 2021 and a big thank you goes out to them.

Christmas and New Year will be different. It will shine a spotlight on those empty seats where those that are no longer with us used to sit. Please reach out and check in with your loved ones.  Listen to that intuition if you feel something is wrong with a friend or family member and ask a simple question, are you okay?

YOD is passionate about growing its community, it is where the beating heart of YOD lies, with you.  I mentioned in March that in times of darkness light can be found – I sincerely hope that YOD has provided some light for you.

We look forward to continuing to be the beacon of light and growing our community in 2021 and are excited to share with you our future developments.

Keep safe and without any hesitation, a Merry Christmas to one and all.

Daniel Gearon


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